When taking on an apprentice, the process of recruiting them and making sure you find the right person can be a daunting challenge. With many (but certainly not all) apprentices coming straight out of school, college or university, grades are going to be something that you look at – in particular core subjects. English, Maths and ICT. But these should not be the be all and end all so here we’re taking a quick look at the necessity of these grades when looking for new apprentices to employ.

English, Maths and ICT are important to look for when seeking apprentices as yes, these are basic skills which are useful in a working and especially marketing environment. However, when searching for apprentices this isn’t solely what you should be looking for.

Someone whom may have applied for a particular job role such as a salesperson may not have an ICT GCSE. But is an ICT qualification needed in order to become a successful sales apprentice? The answer is no. It would be a bonus, but it isn’t essential. An employer should be looking more in depth at the qualifications and characteristics which will suit that job role such as English, or being a confident speaker.

Another example would be a tech apprentice, what’s needed more, English or ICT? Think about it like this – will someone who has a C in each English, Maths and ICT definitely be a better person to employee than someone who has an A in Maths and English but no qualification in ICT?

As an apprentice the requirements in order to pass the apprenticeship is minimum a C grade for each English, Maths and ICT. This doesn’t mean than you can’t employee someone whom doesn’t have all of these. These qualifications can be studied for and taken during the apprenticeship therefore meaning there is no reason to exclude a CV which doesn’t have one of these C’s or above.

Taking on an apprentice is the perfect opportunity to craft someone for your company and role. It’s not all about what grades they have when starting as an apprentice, it’s the valuable skills and experience gained by both the course and their time with you as an employer. Think of the skills you need for your company’s particular role, your apprentice can learn to do them all and become an integral part of your team.

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