When going to an interview it’s important to stand out for all the right reasons!

Apprenticeships are now an extremely popular route to take post school, college and sometimes even university. You could be going up against hundreds of different candidates for only one or two apprenticeships available so you need to stand out from the crowd and be remembered! Below are some top tips in different areas of interviews.

1. You can never be overdressed – What to wear

If you’re thinking of wearing jeans and trainers then think again!

Your appearance is going to be the first thing your potential employer is going to see so it’s important to be dressed smart and well presented. In the case of interviews you can never be overdressed. It looks better if you’re the only one to turn up in a suit rather then the only one who didn’t. If you’re a guy and don’t have a suit then a shirt, smart trousers and smart shoes are fine. If you have a tie wear that too! For girls smart trousers and a blouse or a smart dress.


2. What do you know about us? – Do your research

When applying for apprenticeships it’s pretty common that you apply for quite a few different ones and often with different job roles.

So before you go to the interview make sure you know what you’re being interviewed for! Research the company so you know what it is that they do, this way if you get asked what you know about the company you will have some knowledge. By researching the company it also allows you to see if the company is the kind of company you would want to work for.


3. It’s better to be early then late – How to behave in an interview

Something that is a must when it comes to attending interviews is arriving on time.

It’s better to be early then turn up late. Plan your journey the night before so you know exactly where it is you are going and give yourself extra time to get there in case of any unexpected delays. If you have to get public transport to the interview then allow yourself extra time to get there, get on the earlier bus or train so you know that you are going to be there in plenty of time. If for some reason you are going to be late then ring ahead and apologise and let them know.


4. And breathe – Stay Calm

Every company has a different way to interview, with apprenticeship positions the first stage of the interview could be a group interview.

Group interviews are often thought to be scary interviews but just remember that everyone else is more than likely to feel as nervous as you. It’s important to be yourself. In group interviews there will often be a lot of strong characters in the room but just stay calm and be yourself, answer any questions asked to you, as you would if it was just you and the interviewer. It’s more than likely that at some point during the interview you will have a one on one time with the potential employer where they will ask you more in depth questions. When you shake the hand of the person conducting the interview then make sure it’s a firm hand shake with eye contact.


5. Can you repeat the question please? – Answering questions

The most important thing when answering questions is to remember who you are talking to.

You’re not having a conversation with your friends so don’t use slang words and remember to use correct English and do not swear. Don’t rush to answer the question if you haven’t yet formed an answer as this could led to you stumbling on your words and back-tracking to the answer you were meant to give. If you need a few seconds to think about your answer, then that’s fine. If you’re unsure on what a question means then do ask the person to repeat the question and ask what they mean by that? Another point to remember when answering questions is if you have no experience in what they are asking, you can turn it around to what you would do if you were given the job. We all try to sell ourselves in interviews but don’t lie, if you end up getting the job then they may be expecting someone totally different to what you are actually like. Wait until the person interviewing has finished asking the question before you answer, don’t interrupt! Try to make your answers as short and to the point as possible. You don’t want to give some long winded answer that goes on and on when you could have said a quarter of what you said and made the same important points. Try not to go off on a tangent as this could lead to you not answering what they asked.

It always looks good if you have a few questions prepared to ask at the end of the interview. This shows that you are interested and that you can see yourself working for the company.


Thank you reading, I hope these interview tips for apprentices help!

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