We’ve all been an applicant for something at some point in our lives. Whether it be a job, a university or even a GYM membership (You probably forgot about your GYM membership, we all did). Nevertheless being an applicant is very important, it is the stage where you make first contact with an employer and where first impressions are made.

So, after you’ve carefully crafted you CV, perfected your covering letter (always good to get a second person to have a read through those – spot any little errors that can be easily over looked) and pressed apply on that all important application. It’s time to refresh your inbox every hour to see if you’ve got to the next stage… the interview.

People often worry about interviews, whether they are going to say the wrong thing or not make the right impression. So I’m going give you some quick and simple tips you can put into action.

The prime tip that anyone can give you for an interview is to stay calm. People often panic when going into interviews and are worried about not getting the job, so it’s important you try and focus on yourself and how you can make the best impression within that interview. The employer has already been impressed by your application, they want you to succeed, not fail – take a few deep breaths and remember that.

Something else that is key in order to make the best impression is research. If you have done your research and you know all about the company and what they do, it makes a great impression and shows you have bothered to take the time to find out more and have a good knowledge of what they do and how you would fit within that business.

The next tip I would give is practice makes perfect, very simple but very important. There’s common questions that come up within an interview, so you should prepare for this by going over how you would answer these questions. Of course, you’ll always be asked questions you don’t know the answer to, so prepare for a range of questions to be best prepared for that interview.

The three most commonly asked questions in interviews are

“Tell me about yourself” this is the interviewer asking to get to know you better, it’s important to be honest here in order to connect with the interviewer better.

“What’s your biggest weakness?” this question gives the employer an idea of the areas in which you lack, if you show your weakness as well how you’ll overcome them, you’ll make a great impression.

“What is your 5 year plan?” this is the point where you need to show the interviewer that you have a plan and that you know where you are going. You should never answer this with a ‘don’t know’ be clear and show the direction your heading.

Be careful to watch out for these and follow these tips, in order to give the best responses to these questions.

The last tip is to look the part. If you look the part, look presentable and are dressed smartly you will make a great impression and show the employer that you really want the role.


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