Good, Good, Good, Good!!

At Ginger Nut Training, we’ve had our first full inspection under the new inspection framework.

We’ve been rated as a Good training provider.

A summary of the report can be seen in the following

Apprentices enjoy their time at Ginger Nut. They are enthusiastic about their programmes. Their attendance is very good, and they are eager to get the most out of their training. Apprentices have a strong commitment to achieving their apprenticeship to a high standard. 

Apprentices, including those with learning difficulties and/or disabilities do well at Ginger Nut. Because of good support from their tutors, they quickly develop new knowledge, skills and behaviours. Many apprentices progress in their careers because of their training. They gain greater responsibilities or promotions. Apprentices and their employers benefit from a well-planned and challenging curriculum.

Staff work closely to identify with employers what activities apprentices perform in the workplace. They use this knowledge to shape good quality theoretical learning. Staff use company training effectively to enhance apprentices’ skills development”. 

“Leaders have used their industry experience to create high-quality learning programmes.

Tutors implement planned programmes effectively. They make appropriate changes ensuring that apprentices have learning matching their specific needs. Because of this, apprentices quickly develop and consolidate new skills, knowledge and behaviours.

Leaders ensure that apprentices receive effective information advice and guidance. This includes an extensive induction and ongoing careers advice and guidance. Apprentices understand the options available to them and progress in their careers. Previous apprentices who have gained promotion now coach new apprentices within their workplace.

A member of the team on 0207 495 5110 or would love to talk you through on how we can support your prospective apprentices’ development


Here at Ginger Nut Training we take safeguarding for both learners and tutors very seriously and so great to see that this has been recognised.

As part of the learner’s initial induction, they will complete online courses to include (but are not limited to) Awareness of Prevent Duty and Mental Health Awareness.  

These will be certificated courses and will be updated regularly.  You will also receive regular inhouse training from our Safeguarding Officer.  

We aim to embed safeguarding into every session with our learners.  This is supported by our quarterly reviews where an area of safeguarding is discussed (recorded to DVR and uploaded to One File).  

We have also introduced the calendar of event.  Each month we focus on a different area of safeguarding.  The learners are given a handout with information and then complete a short quiz to show their understanding.

These topics cover:

Health and Safety, Mental Health Awareness, Prevent, Online Safety, British Values, Safeguarding, Disability Awareness, Diversity, Cultural Awareness, Equality and Human Rights, Cancer Awareness, Drug and Alcohol Awareness.

The arrangements for safeguarding are effective. Leaders and managers ensure that apprentices are safe.

Managers provide prompt help to apprentices who need early support and guidance. They accurately identify those who could be at potential or actual risk. Designated lead staff are appropriately trained and manage disclosures swiftly and effectively. Apprentices develop a good understanding of how to keep themselves healthy and active. They know how to be alert to maintaining their own mental well-being. Apprentices feel safe and apply safe working practices. They know how to report issues and to whom.

Apprentices feel safe. They know who to contact if they have any problems. Apprentices know how to keep themselves safe in the workplace.

We are very pleased to be recognised as a ‘Good’ provider.
The full report can be seen here;

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