Ginger Nut Training and The Jobcentre Plus are launching a new innovative programme entitled ‘Readiness to Work’. The programme combines work experience and employability workshops with the aim to help you expand your knowledge and approach to finding a job.

The course runs for six weeks and will be indiscriminate as we believe in giving all unemployed people a chance to participate in this opportunity. During the programme, our experienced team will help each individual improve their skill set by delivering workshops such as self-evaluation, confidence building, how best to apply for jobs, CV help, adapting to the work environment and mock interviews. As well as learning job skills that can be used to help employment after the six weeks it also gives individuals the chance to get some experience in working in a digital marketing company and carrying out day to day tasks that can also be transferred when in employment.

This programme is starting in June at our Essex based office in Colchester. We already have had many students/ individuals come into the office and complete work experience with us. Giving people the opportunity to gain experience no matter their background or experience is something we like to do at Ginger Nut Training. We believe that the readiness to work programme is an excellent pre job opportunity for individuals who are struggling to get into or back into employment. We hope that anyone that gets involved and completes the programme will go away with a good understanding of what job skills are needed to get a career and what the working environment will be like and ideally will gain employment using the skills that they have learnt on the programme.

If you would like further information on the programme then please get in contact with Shona Doherty or Phil Warnock on 0207 495 5110.

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