Refer-a-friend Programme

We are now introducing a new refer-a-fried programme.  As I hope you’ve noticed we are continuing to deliver all apprenticeship training where possible and have updated our processes and systems to allow us to sign up new learners – including those who are currently on furlough.

In order to celebrate this and in the hope of continuing to increase the number of people benefitting from apprenticeship training we are now offering an incentive to any learner who introduces us to a new apprentice.  If you know anyone who would be keen to learn new skills while working, or waiting to return to work please let us know.

With everything going on we’re keen to support the UK High Street too so are able to offer a £25 love to shop gift card to any apprentice who introduces us to a new learner, or employer who takes on an apprentice.

As ever with these things there are a few provisos and we’re happy to talk them through with you but the main things to bear in mind are:

  • The employer has to agree to them taking an apprenticeship
  • They can’t work for the same company as you
  • They need to remain on programme for 3 months

Of course, happy to discuss any of the above or answer any other questions you might have so please email

The current course list, that we can offer to one person, is:

Business Administrator  Level 3

Customer Services Practitioner Level 2

Customer Services Specialist Level 3

Digital Marketer Level 3 

Event Assistant Level 3

Junior Content Producer Level 3 

Network Engineer Level 4 

Cyber Security Technologist Level 4

Infrastructure Technician Level 3   

Software Development Technician Level 3

Software Developer Level 4

Data Analytics Level 4

Digital Support Technician Level 3

Learning and Development Practitioner Level 3

Learning and Development Consultant level 5

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