Data Technician – Level 3
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How Ginger Nut Deliver

Our training delivery is based on a blended model of one-to-one sessions every 4 weeks, with group sessions, webinars, online courses, video, and additional support as required. This means that our learners have the guidance they need as well as the flexibility to learn around the requirements of their jobs. We find that this approach reduces disruption for the learners and their line managers giving everyone the best chance of benefitting from the training and completing the course.


Learners have approximately 72 hours of tutor led training over the duration of the apprenticeship. In addition, we ensure to support our learners through the tailored LinkedIn Learning Course: Data Technician Pathway. This leaves approximately 6 hours per week of additional learner tasks, assignments, research and other learning activities.

This includes the skills, knowledge and behaviours to enable them to fulfil the following duties

  • Source data
  • Collate and format data
  • Presenting data
  • Blending data
  • Analysing data using statistical methods
  • Validating results
  • Communicating results verbally, through reports and technical documentation and tailoring the message for the audience
  • Storing, managing, and sharing data securely
  • Collaborating with people both internally and externally at all levels with a view to creating value from data
  • Practising continuous self-learning to keep up to date with technological developments to enhance relevant skills and take responsibility for own professional development

Project Activity and Portfolio Building

Evidence collected covers knowledge, skills and behaviours and helps the learner build the experience and portfolios they need to successfully complete their apprenticeship.

Gateway and End Point Assessment

We give learners mock synoptic projects and interviews to ensure they are ready for the End Point Assessment and know precisely what to expect at all points in the process. The End Point Assessment itself includes:

  • Portfolio which will underpin a professional Discussion with an End Point Assessor 
  • A demonstration of data analysis skills based on a given scenario provided by the End Point Assessment Organisation with questioning

Apprenticeship Standard

Data Technician – Level 3 Standard

Assessment Plan

Data Technician – Level 3 Assessment Plan

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Level 3


Total Length of Apprenticeship, including End Point Assessment (subject to working hours and reasonable adjustment) – 21 months


Maximum cost of Apprenticeship, including End Point Assessment (subject to reasonable adjustment) - £12,000

Appropriate Learner Roles/Activities

The course teaches learners to source, format and display data, and analyse structured and unstructured data. Learners will  learn to blend data sources and will understand the legal and ethical principles involved in using data.

In order to be able to complete the apprenticeship, learners must be given the opportunity to do the following:


    • Access ready-made reports, spreadsheets, databases, surveys, and other data sources as part of their role
    • Assist in bringing together data from different sources using Excel/Google sheets or a similar tool
    • Assist in preparing data for analysis
    • Have opportunities to work on ad hoc data requests and/or projects
    • Communicate data using different formats and communication methods to a range of stakeholders

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Got a question, check out our FAQ’s?

Got a question, check out our FAQ’s?