Digital Marketer – Level 3
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How Ginger Nut Deliver

Our training delivery is based on a blended model of one-to-one sessions every 4 weeks, with group sessions, webinars, online courses, video, and additional support as required. This means that our learners have the guidance they need as well as the flexibility to learn around the requirements of their jobs. We find that this approach reduces disruption for the learners and their line managers giving everyone the best chance of benefitting from the training and completing the course.

This course is very heavy on knowledge modules which we supplement with vendor qualifications and related resources. To support learning, all learners are given access to LinkedIn Learning, including bespoke channels designed to support their apprenticeship and Perlego, which includes full searchable access to hundreds of thousands of textbooks to support study.

The knowledge modules are:

  • Marketing Principles– month 1-4
  • Digital Marketing Principles– month 5-8
  • Principles of Coding – month 8-13

Alongside these we also offer:

  • Google Digital Garage – Digital Marketing Fundamentals
  • Google Ads Certification
  • Google Analytics IQ (Vendor/Professional Certificate)

Along with other support around specific sites and channels as required.

Learners are set a series of assignments to support their learning. These are:

  • Understanding your business
  • Work-related marketing mix
  • Buyer persona and customer lifecycle
  • Social audit
  • Competitor analysis
  • Swot analysis
  • New platform proposal
  • Brand guidelines
  • Web site audit
  • Keyword analysis

Learners are invited to regular, supporting webinars that explore topics around digital marketing and the wider digital ecosystem to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the evolving marketplace.

Project Activity and Portfolio Building

Each learner will need to put together a portfolio as part of the apprenticeship and this is where they must be able to show that they are doing at least two of search marketing, search engine optimisation, e mail marketing, web analytics and metrics, mobile apps or pay-per-click activities. 

This means that we will need to ensure that, as part of their role, they are covering this requirement, therefore this needs to be planned in before apprenticeship commencement.. 

Gateway and End Point Assessment

The end point assessment includes an employer reference, the portfolio, a synoptic project (which is role appropriate) and an interview. As part of the training, we give learners the opportunity to do mock projects and interviews with a qualified assessor to ensure their readiness. 

Apprenticeship Standard

Digital Marketer – Level 3 Standard

Assessment Plan

Digital Marketer – Level 3 Assessment Plan

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Level 3


Total Length of Apprenticeship, including End Point Assessment (subject to working hours and reasonable adjustment) – 18 months


Maximum cost of Apprenticeship, including End Point Assessment (subject to reasonable adjustment) - £11,000  

Appropriate Learner Roles/Activities

In order to be able to complete the apprenticeship, learners must be given the opportunity to do the following:


  • Demonstrate written communication skills both internal and external (stakeholders/clients)
  • Conduct research for both long- and short-term strategies/campaigns
  • Use a variety of digital tools/technologies
  • Respond to customer service (online)
  • Demonstrate an ability to use appropriate problem-solving skills to effect digital performance
  • Implement at least two of the following specialist digital marketing areas through digital campaigns:
    • Social Media
    • Web content management system and search engine optimisation (blog/article writing or other web content)
    • Email
    • Paid Campaign (Display, Search Marketing and/or Paid Social)
    • Review, monitor and analyse digital campaigns (data/analytics reports)

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Got a question, check out our FAQ’s?

Got a question, check out our FAQ’s?