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Multi-Channel Marketer – Level 3
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The new Multi-channel Marketer Level 3 programme launched on the 11th of December 2023.

This standard offers an updated approach to marketing apprenticeships. If your business distributes messages across multiple channels, platforms, and other types of digital media to reach and engage with customers, you are already doing multi-channel marketing.

The Ginger Nut training model involves blended one-to-one sessions every 4 weeks, with group sessions, webinars, online courses, video, and additional support as required. This means that our learners have the guidance they need as well as the flexibility to learn around the requirements of their jobs. We find that this approach reduces disruption for the learners and their line managers giving everyone the best chance of benefitting from the training and completing the course.

This course enables our marketing apprentices to learn about a variety of different aspects of marketing (both digital and offline) from marketing strategy and channel selection to marketing budgets and campaign analysis. To support learning, all learners are given access to LinkedIn Learning, and other bespoke channels designed to support their apprenticeship.

Training modules:

  • Vision, Mission and Values/ Marketing Theory
  • Briefs, Clients and Stakeholders
  • Marketing Objectives and Planning
  • Market Research and Competitor Analysis
  • Marketing Budgets
  • Marketing Ethics/Legalities and Regulations in Marketing
  • Customer Journey and Segmentation/Branding
  • Marketing Content
  • Marketing Channels/ Social Media
  • CMS and SEO/ Copywriting
  • Marketing Tools
  • Marketing and Campaign Evaluation
  • Optional Curriculum
  • Project Support
  • EPA Support

Learners are invited to weekly webinars that explore topics around marketing and the wider digital ecosystem to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the evolving marketplace.

Project Activity and Portfolio Building

Each learner will need to put together a portfolio as part of the apprenticeship, which enables them to demonstrate competence across a variety of marketing knowledge, skills and behaviours.

Apprentices will also be required to submit a 500-word project proposal at Gateway stating what their project at End Point Assessment will cover.

Gateway and End Point Assessment

Portfolio based interview. An hour long discussion covering 6 questions to ensure specific knowledge, skills and behaviours have been demonstrated during the apprenticeship.

Learners will have 12 weeks to complete the project, based on the proposal, and write a 2,500-word report. They will the submit this to the End Point Assessment Organisation and deliver a presentation with questioning.

Apprenticeship Standard

Multi-Channel Marketer – Level 3 Standard

Assessment Plan

Multi-Channel Marketer – Level 3 Assessment Plan

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Level 3


Total Length of Apprenticeship, including End Point Assessment (subject to working hours and reasonable adjustment) – 19 months


Maximum cost of Apprenticeship, including End Point Assessment (subject to reasonable adjustment) - £11,000

Appropriate Learner Roles/Activities

Multi-Channel marketer covers a broader spectrum of marketing skills, including data analysis, customer journey mapping, automation, and digital and traditional marketing. It prepares apprentices to be adaptable marketing professionals in the ever-evolving marketing industry.

Apprentices will be trained in, and need to work across, the following areas:

Digital marketing fundamentals: Apprentices will receive a well-rounded education in the core principles and “pillars” of digital marketing, including SEO, PPC, content marketing, and social media marketing. The difference with multi-channel marketing is that they learn how to leverage these channels in a holistic way to reach a broader audience and achieve marketing objectives.

Traditional and integrated campaigns: Apprentices will work on integrated marketing campaigns which requires combining both digital and traditional marketing methods. They’ll learn about channels and tactics during their training.

Data analysis and insights: This apprenticeship emphasises the importance of data-driven decision-making, which was not covered in as much depth in digital marketer. Apprentices will learn how to analyse data to track the performance of various marketing campaigns and make data-driven adjustments.

Customer journey mapping: Multi-Channel Marketer covers the customer journey in greater depth. Apprentices will create comprehensive customer journey maps that guide marketing strategies and enhance the overall customer experience.

Content marketing and copywriting: Apprentices will learn how to create and manage content that resonates with and converts their target audience across digital and traditional marketing channels.

Campaign management: Apprentices will be expected to take ownership of campaigns, and this includes the utilisation of budgets. These don’t need to be huge budgets and responsibilities, but they will need to show these skills at End-Point Assessment.

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Got a question, check out our FAQ’s?

Got a question, check out our FAQ’s?