Safeguarding for learners and tutors

Here at Ginger Nut we take safeguarding for both learners and tutors very seriously.  Below is a summary of what we do for both and who will support in these areas.

Designated Safeguarding Officer: Tanya Murphy, Centre Manager

0207 495 5110 / 07921 814310

Deputy Safeguarding Officer: Jim Thomas, Lead Administrator

0207 495 5110 /

Fire Warden: Jim Thomas, Lead Administrator.

First Aider: Jim Thomas, Lead Administrator.

As part of your initial induction, you will complete online course to include (but are not limited to) Awareness of Prevent Duty and Mental Health Awareness.  Admin will set up your log ins for these.  These will be certificated courses and will be updated regularly.  You will also receive regular inhouse training from our Safeguarding Officer.  Please ensure you read and familiarize yourself with our company Safeguarding and Prevent Policy.  A copy of this can be found on the shared drive and also in resources on One File.

As part of your role, you will also be supporting learners to have a better understanding of different areas of safeguarding.  As part of our enrolment process, all learners are sent the following links to complete their own online training;



These are certificated and cover Prevent, British Values, What Can We Trust, Staying Safe Online, Radicalisation and Extremism.  Once completed, copies of these certificates can be found on the learner’s profile on One File.

We aim to embed safeguarding into every session with our learners.  This is supported by our quarterly reviews where an area of safeguarding is discussed (recorded to DVR and uploaded to One File).  We have also introduced the calendar of event.  Each month we focus on a different area of safeguarding.  The learners are given a handout with information and then complete a short quiz to show their understanding.  These topics cover:

Health and Safety, Mental Health Awareness, Prevent, Online Safety, British Values, Safeguarding, Disability Awareness, Diversity, Cultural Awareness, Equality and Human Rights, Cancer Awareness, Drug and Alcohol Awareness.

We have created a new learning aim to One File, so you are able to upload copies of these completed quizzes to the learner’s portfolio.

You can find our safeguarding policy and all our policies here.

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