Government Funded Apprenticeship Scheme

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As an award winning employer of apprentices, Ginger Nut Training are passionate about developing people through the apprenticeship scheme. We specialise in office based, IT and Marketing Apprenticeships and whether you are looking to recruit and train new apprentices or develop the skills of existing staff, we have the apprenticeship training you need.

We train apprentices at some of the largest Levy payers in the country and have specialised on public and private sector provision.

We were born from a small media business that hired over 30 apprentices in 4 years and engaged with over 10,000 school students about apprenticeships during its high growth launch between 2011 and 2016. (Best New SME at the National Apprenticeship Awards 2014).

As a training provider, we are also an employer, which makes us a bit different to your usual training provider. We have trained over 30 of our own staff using apprenticeships, some of whom went on to senior roles within the company. We used this unique insight to launch Ginger Nut Training, where we work closely with clients to cater for the needs of apprentices and employers to ensure that everyone gets the maximum return from the time that they invest.

More about Ginger Nut Training… You can find more information about our story and why we do what we do in this article.

We offer a wide variety of apprenticeships across England, with no minimum cohorts with start dates across the following qualifications:

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